Virtual Taboo Review

Lollipop Girl Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo is one of the kinkiest of the major VR porn sites. It matches the top sites in terms of professional quality VR filming, but arguably goes well beyond in terms of sheer pervertedness. However, if you get off on the idea of feeling your stiff cock inside your own nubile barely legal teen stepdaughter, or being 18 again yourself and seduced by your horny cougar stepmom, then this site will keep you going for years. The naughtiest fantasies to live out in immersive 3D virtual reality with some of the most beautiful and natuarl looking teen girls, or if you prefer, horny and still wildly sexy MILFs.

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VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers
is one of my very favourite sites, and whenever I see it being mentioned in a forum or vr porn subreddit, usually only positive things are being said. Every movie is top quality and features a beautiful girl, often girls who haven’t been seen a dozen times already at every other VR site, in naturally filmed scenes that focus on the sex rather than a contrived storyline. The first site to start filming in 6K and now with over 200 VR movies in their archives. I recommend to all serious VR fans to subscribe to maybe five sites, and VR Bangers is definitely in that top 5 list, and many would put it right at the top.

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BadoinkVR Review

Badoink VR 2018 Review

BadoinkVR were the first established porn site to start filming in virtual reality.  They feature some of the sexiest teen pornstars around, often getting their young talent to agree to be filmed in 180 VR 3D having hard anal sex.  Stars include Russian cutie Gina Gerson.  Badoink will also send out a free pair of VR goggles for you when you join if you haven’t already got a VR headset.

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Virtual Real Porn Review


Virtual Real Porn was the very first VR porn site, offering the first XXX VR videos when the only device to play them on was an early version of the Oculus Rift developers kit. It still leads the way in the quality of its movies, having the longest experience in shooting in VR which has been notoriously difficult for many porn studios to adapt to. Huge number of internationally famous pornstars include Misha Cross and Gina Gerson – the best in young pussy from both continents. Sample VR videos of every single one of their 150+ movie archive are also available to download for free from their site (formatted for all headsets from Cardboard to the Playstation VR).

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VR Cosplay X Review

VR Cosplay X is the first virtual reality porn site dedicated to cosplay.  Cosplay is the lifestyle of dressing up as famous fictional characters, whether from cinema, TV, or anime.  Adult cosplay is already a hugely popular niche, and VR is a perfect medium to develop it like never before. VR cosplay allows you to experience sex with your favourite characters dressed up for the part, and in authentic locations.  Shot in immersive 4K 3D, a new video and character will be released every week.

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WankzVR Review


WankzVR is one of the newest virtual reality porn sites. Sexy, famous young pornstars, hardcore action, and stunning locations make this a must join site. But what really sets it apart is it is the first streaming vr porn site, meaning it is much easier to just put on your headset and start fapping to their movies. Because the need to download huge files is avoided, their movies are also longer than most other sites, sometimes up to nearly an hour of total immersive virtual reality sex!

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Virtual Real Amateur Porn Review

Virtual Real Amateurs
is the first VR porn site dedicated to showing amateurs having raw sex in front of the virtual reality cameras. There is nothing amateur about the filming – this new site comes from the same producers of number 1 VR site VirtualRealPorn. However, the settings are intentionally more basic than other sites, and above all, the participants are as far away from the pornstar look as can be found in VR porn. You can experience grannies in VR here for the first time, as well as cheating housewives and girl next door type teenagers. A must join site for fans of amateur style porn.

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Czech VR Casting Review

Czech VR Casting is one of the first ‘reality’ or ‘casting porn’ VR sites. To be honest, it does and it doesn’t work very well in VR. It’s hard to convince the viewer that these girls are new to porn, when everybody pretty much knows that even experienced actresses are finding the demands of virtual reality to be very difficult. So instead of pretending that these are 18 year old innocent girls coaxed off the streets of Prague and into the porn studio for the very first time, it’s admitted that the actresses are experienced pornstars (they even hold their pornstar name up to the camera). Having said that, for most of these girls this will be their first time being filmed in VR, and that is another level up from normal porn, so perhaps some of them are even genuinely a little nervous as to whether they will ‘pass their audition’. As well as the beautiful Czech pornstars getting fucked in VR, another very good reason to join this site is that you also get membership of Czech VR itself, as well as Czech VR Fetish.

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Holo Girls VR Review


HoloGirlsVR employs some of the most advanced VR filming techniques to enhance the experience of watching VR porn in a way that is flawless, smooth, immersive, and completely lifelike. Most of their videos boast 220 degree headset motion tracking, with some in even full 360 degrees.  Lots of fetishes covered including upskirt and facesitting – things every genuine perv has to experience in virtual reality!

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Czech VR Review


If the idea of fucking slim, young, East European teenies sound appealing to you then CzechVR is the site you have to join. Spotted on the streets of Prague, these barely legal teenies have been persuaded to star in some of the world’s first virtual reality porn movies. This site’s movies have a real basic but intimate feel to them. No flashy locations – just fucking an 18 year old nubile Czech teen on the bed. Let’s face it, that’s enough to keep the dicks of most men happy!

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