Czech VR Casting Review

Czech VR Casting is one of the first ‘reality’ or ‘casting porn’ VR sites. To be honest, it does and it doesn’t work very well in VR. It’s hard to convince the viewer that these girls are new to porn, when everybody pretty much knows that even experienced actresses are finding the demands of virtual reality to be very difficult. So instead of pretending that these are 18 year old innocent girls coaxed off the streets of Prague and into the porn studio for the very first time, it’s admitted that the actresses are experienced pornstars (they even hold their pornstar name up to the camera). Having said that, for most of these girls this will be their first time being filmed in VR, and that is another level up from normal porn, so perhaps some of them are even genuinely a little nervous as to whether they will ‘pass their audition’. As well as the beautiful Czech pornstars getting fucked in VR, another very good reason to join this site is that you also get membership of Czech VR itself, as well as Czech VR Fetish.

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